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Finally, there is a P.O.D. style web-store available for everyone, so yall can stop the harassment over T-Shirts.  Get at them HERE at the brand new "NEKESTORE." 

Soon there will be new designs, as well as some throwback visuals that a few of you will recognize.

As usual there is a new album in the works, and a mixtape being put together in between that.  Plenty of heavy-hitting, brain leaking instrumentals being murdered by some pretty offensive, occasionally unethical lyrics that will somehow engulf you with feelings of rage, peace, and contentment all at once.  It's hard to explain, you'll just have to feel it for yourself.  There weren't any actual collabs on the [untitled] EP, but you can expect to hear a few super secret features on the upcoming works that will not disappoint.

I'll let you know when i know if there's something else to know, then youll be in the know, so you'll know... y'know?




EP available NOW

Dropping directly into your hands and ear canals.  6 tracks of gut rotting, anger driven lyrics, backed by brain thumping, vomit inducing instrumentals. This album will rattle your car to pieces, while undoubtedly making everyone around you envious. This album will make your life better. This album will help you to become rich and powerful in the fields of your choosing. This album will freeze your enemies with paralyzing fear, every time your name is uttered. Upon the very presence of this EP entering into your life, you will immediately become at ease with all of the choices that you have made, for they have lead you directly into this moment. Bear witness my friends, and fear no consequence.

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